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Weekend Design: 4 Renovated Midcentury Gems in Palm Springs

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Times of Sandiego ( recently highlighted one of our recent projects. Here's wht they had to say:

1. The Ultimate Getaway

BEFORE: Though the pool in this somewhat dilapidated 1958 property was in decent shape, it needed a few upgrades and some landscaping.

AFTER: This view showcases the quintessential Palm Springs retreat, from the flamboyant poolside umbrellas to the midcentury modern home projecting into the clear desert sky beneath towering palm trees. “We really tried to give off the sense that this was an ultimate Palm Springs getaway,” says Kevin Kemper, who renovated this home with Howard Hawkes, his design partner and co-owner of H3K Design.

The designers added a hot tub and waterfall feature. A new sun shelf at the pool’s far end enables guests to pull umbrellas and chairs into the water. Artificial turf breaks up the hardscape without requiring excessive water or maintenance to stay green. A new flush fire pit makes for an inviting amenity when the desert cools off at night, but it doesn’t get in the way when not in use. “You can put a bar over it during a party or a dining table — when the fire is off, of course,” Kemper says.

BEFORE: The house had been remodeled at some point, and the living room had black padded, tufted vinyl wallcovering when the designers came in. “Everything was black on black on black,” Kemper says.

AFTER: In the open living room and kitchen, the black wallcovering and gray carpet made way for tile and lots of glass — in the form of new dual-pane, low-emissivity windows — to overlook the pool area. The designers repainted the original tongue-and-groove ceiling and installed hidden track lights. They also played up the home’s original fireplace, adding midcentury panels and columns for a more of-the-time look. Add Hidden Track Lights for a Modern Feel.

To read the entire article, visit Times of San Diego's website.

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